Michelle started her adventures in writing last year when she finally listened to that voice in her head.  The voice that spoke to her every time she read to her daughter, Brooklyn.  She saw a post from a friend about a new children’s book author, Cari Pointer of the “Hey Mom” series, and reached out to Cari.  “How did you do this?” is all she asked and it went from there.  Michelle was introduced to Storybook Genius Publishing out of St. Louis and it was an instant connection.


Michelle is also a Board Certified Health Coach whose passion for health includes everything from pregnancy to how families and children can incorporate health in a fun and easy way.


Brooklyn is a unique girl full of so much love and life.  She enjoys swimming, ballet, ice cream, making slime, cuddling with cartoons, breakfast in bed, petting Simba & Jax, and being super goofy.  Super independent (thank you Maria Montessori!) Brooklyn knows how to be content in her world yet invite anyone around her to join her party.  Brooklyn makes the world laugh and fills their hearts with happiness.

How did I do this?

If you’re interested in how Michelle made this book come to life, reach out to her and she’d love to talk to you.  Michelle worked with Storybook Genius Publishing and will continue working with them on future books, along with their book design service, Yip Jar.