“Author Michelle Mansfield was an incredible guest to have at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School. We loved her providing us background information about her characters and experiences as she read to us It’s Just Me… Brooklyn. Michelle has a contagious passion for what she does, and she went above and beyond to make our students share in her excitement. She dedicated purchased books, and took pictures with the students, too. It was a wonderful personalized experience that left the students feeling cared for and energized to accomplish their goals not only as writers, but in anything they wanted to do. Michelle was truly motivational and had a lasting impact here at our school. We can’t wait to have her back!”

“I love the new book!  I know there are many parents who would find the ideas on getting kids to try new foods very helpful.  I’m going to use ‘I Tried It!’ this year in my classroom.  Each week I’ll bring a fruit or veggie for the class to try- I did this a couple years ago but now with the book and the tools it will be even better.  I will also graph it and Venn diagram so math is involved too, maximizing the learning potential!  I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and how important your message is for families.  I believe that children who eat well have better brain development and kids who cook with their parents have a better connection emotionally too.”


“As a pediatric occupational therapist this book has been such a valuable tool as we are seeing more and more families navigating the challenges of limited diets and ‘picky eating.  Kids are drawn to the illustrations which elicits purposeful engagement and helps tie them into the story and characters.  This book allows for parents and therapist alike to use a relatable story book to talk with their children about the characters and their experiences with food – both positive and skeptical as well as relate to their own child’s experiences.  The concepts of the “no thank you bowl” allow kids control and choice which creates comfort in what may have been a stressful experience.  This book is so FUN and its concepts are simple and easy to implement in the families daily routine.  A WIN!” (“I Tried It!” review)

Brooke S Backsen MOT, OTR/L, RYT
My Recess – Founder
Occupational Therapist 
Yoga Instructor for Children and Families



This book is magic! We attended a book reading and then ordered the book as soon as we got home. My kids will try anything now if I remind them of Brooklyn, Simba and Jax! Great story, great illustrations and great subject!!”

This book is a necessity for us. My daughter does not want to try anything that looks different, or is new. This book turns new foods into a fun game. I love the recipe cards that incorporate each new food. We love cooking together and this makes it even better!!!

We love “I Tried It”! My boys enjoy reading the book – the illustrations are cute and the characters are fun. This book has made exploring new foods fun! Instead of fighting me about new foods at mealtime, my kids are excited to try something new!

We introduced “I Tried It!” to our 3 year old daughter who was a finicky eater and previously refused to try certain foods. Now she will at least try new foods and then determine if she wants to keep eating it or not. Highly recommend this book for families looking to add new items into their child’s otherwise bland meal, and to make mealtime more exciting and adventurous!

While my kids are not necessarily picky eaters, they continue to grab this book off the bookshelf over and over again because they LOVE the ideas being presented in the book. They have added a ‘No thank you’ bowl to our table, but they are willing to try everything! They also loved Jax and Simba and the illustrations in this book!

“Nick loves the book and can’t wait to fill up his “I Tried It!” Card.  We tried tomatoes tonight from the garden.  Nick was on the fence, but he tried it!  He also tried FISH for the first time and LOVED it!  I’m not kidding, but nothing has ever worked like this before.  It is amazing!  I have never seen so much excitement to try new and healthy foods.  And you are so right, the “risk” is not there because he knows if he tries it and doesn’t like it, he can put it in his No Thank You Bowl.  Works like a charm!  And he’s found out that he likes more things that he has tried than not.  Love, love, love it!”

I LOVE this book! If you have the pickiest eater on the planet, this book is guaranteed to work! The stickers, and the chart are an added bonus. It’s all about planting the seed to healthy eating, and this book is a great start.

“My daughter just tried shrimp & grits for the first time so she can add a sticker to her I Tried It Card!”

“Mama, can we read “Brooklyn”?”  Friends with little ones looking for new ways to get those strong minded kiddos to try new foods, and be more adventurous at the dinner table, check out “I Tried It!”, starring her daughter, Brooklyn.  Also highly recommend adding on the “No Thank You Bowl” and the “I Tried It Card” to keep things FUN and turn mealtime into a game.”

“My girls loved ‘It’s Just Me, Brooklyn!’ and now they LOVE ‘I Tried It!'”

“We are loving the “I Tried It!” book written by Michelle!”

Michelle touches on a very important aspect to child development (eating) in such a fun way! She has an amazing gift of taking practical challenges to parenting and childhood and providing fun ways to overcome those challenges. I highly recommend this book!

“I read this book for the first time to my daughter tonight and she loved it!  She is super excited to try some new foods tomorrow!”

Our 7-year-old daughter absolutely loves this book. The story is engaging and fun, the illustrations are beautiful, and it naturally started a conversation about the food that we eat. I would highly recommend this book!

“My son has a huge fear of trying new foods.  There are many books out there that we’ve tried to motivate him.  I love that ‘I Tried It!’ has a very relaxed and fun message.  A “it’s not big deal if you don’t like it” aura throughout it.  It’s a realistic book because even I don’t like everything I try.  I could tell my son felt more relaxed and he simply put a pea in his mouth (which he never used to) and was so proud that he tried it.  It’s a miracle!”

“My kids love that Simba & Jax are a part of ‘I Tried It!’ too… they laugh hysterically at their faces when we read the book.  What an amazing trio.”

“My granddaughter is 7 and I worry so much about how little she eats.  I wasn’t sure if this book would be too young for her but I thought I would try it anyways.  She LOVES the book and it has inspired her to try some new foods.  Her mother is so grateful and so am I!”

“My 3/12 yo and 5 1/2 yo granddaughters love the animals!  They both ‘got’ the concepts of the book IMMEDIATELY and my 5 1/2 yo said she would choose to go bowling with her family when she fills her ‘I Tried It!’ card up with stickers.  She also explained the whole book to her grandfather after reading it just one time, she was so proud!”